Company consulting

Join other large and small dental companies who consider Dr. Jablow a key opinion leader. Dr. Jablow has provided assistance to companies on current products and his guidance assists developing products come to market. As a full time practicing dentist integrating dental technologies and new materials into his practice, Dr. Jablow is in a unique position to know what is needed by dentists and how best to reach them.

Lecturing to a dental companies sales forces, Dr. Jablow  provides an entertaining and informative perspective on both the company's products along with the competition.

If your company needs assistance in product development, lecturing on products, article placement or webinars please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Jablow.

Dr. Jablow is the Chief Development Officer of Cellerant Consulting and is on the Cellerant Best of Class Awards Selection Committee.

Cellerant can help your company no matter where it is in the product development process.

Dental product development is complex. There is the dentist's problem to solve for and consider, plus we must ensure that the market is big enough to support the product. Further, we have to follow stringent regulatory requirements. The bottom line is that there must be a product that a dentist is willing to purchase, a market that is large enough, and evidence that the dental product is safe and efficacious for the intended use.

To add an additional layer of complexity, the dental product world is constantly changing. Complexity in the dental industry is not going away anytime soon. To tackle complexity Cellerant takes a systems perspective to dental product development. It starts with a robust strategy that links to your idea pipeline, process, and portfolio management system. If you are interested in what Cellerant can do for your product contact Dr. Jablow.